Interim assessment 050418

Luke, you have progressed very well in your project, you have a strong idea and access to equipment you need. I have every faith you will produce good work in your FMP. You will continue to experiment as you make your website & print work and further develop research. Excellent work so far Luke!!

I notice you only surveyed 16-20 but made your target audience higher, to tie this in have a focus group/feedback from this audience to assess your designs or make a new survey for this age group.

You MUST now add these as blog posts:

  • complete action plan on proposal
  • comment on feedback for presentation
  • post of Photoshop & Illustrator tutorials you might use
  • when researching, try to include mags & books
  • post on print codes & conventions like how to save artwork for printing/crop marks/layout etc
  • post on regulations
  • post on budget
  • analyse more websites & print work and experiment with those ideas-consider your 20-40 age group when analysing these
  • explore using techniques such as college, mono-printing, lino cut etc for organic feel. Maybe try potato prints.

You will need to add to planning with sketches

You are currently working at Distinction due to the level of detail and investigation. You need to start uploading trials/experiments now. Try to link them to research (copy deign style)

Look at these for inspiration;

Food photographer:

Graphics you could create;

For food you will offer
Make icons to represent foods you offer or Torbay things
Make recognisable icons for Torbay using Illustrator


Make graphics for products you offer

Website design;

Try a different colour scheme
Innovative Web Design Ideas Best of Check Out the Reasons Why You Should Learn Web Design
Use an edited photo of Torbay as backdrop for website
Try coloured bars as menu
Be inventive with photos, humorous and relaxed. Try cutout style
Be simplistic but creative & humorous – make a strapline
Create your own graphics like the van & foodbasket
Be light & airy, make your own design as a vector in Illustrator
Use icons of Torbay as backdrop for website
Try a new colour scheme
Make Torbay icons as graphics
Be a bit ‘rough & ready’ to reflect organic feel

Poster design;

Make a Torbay map like this deconstructed plane
Make graphics to represent food stuffs
Merge together Torbay images and add lit up type
Take a Torbay photo, maybe the pier and make the reflection healthy food stuffs

Leaflet design;

Try a different shaped leaflet
Try a different colour scheme for different areas of Torbay
Try a cut out design
Try a different fold

Take a look at the Excel document here, this is the stuff you need to do which includes types of context, types of research and continual evaluation.

FMP – Overview document – NEW – 130318 (1)


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